1. Preamble

1.1          The name of this Association shall be “The British Association for Irish Studies”.

1.2          Membership of the Association shall be open to anyone with a bona fide interest in Irish Studies.

1.3          The Association is a non-political and non-sectarian body.

1.4          Policies shall not be accepted or adopted which would conflict with the 1.3 or with the Objectives of the Association as defined in 2 or would have the effect of the Association ceasing to be a charity at law.

1.5          The Association will encourage local activity by its members which is consistent with the aims and objectives of the Association.


  1. Aims and Objectives
  • To establish a means of communication between those interested in Irish Studies in all disciplines.
  • To promote a knowledge and understanding of (a) Ireland and the relations between the peoples of the two islands and (b) the experience of the Irish in Britain and their contribution to British society.
  • To encourage research and writing in Irish studies.
  • To seek funding to secure the existence and to promote the objectives of the Association.
  • To organise and support Irish Studies conferences and such other activities as may be suggested by Council and/or members and agreed by the Council.

2.6          To encourage links with and exchanges between educational institutions in Great Britain, Ireland and Europe.


  1. Membership
  • Members must pay the annual dues at the rate recommended by the Council and ratified by the Membership.
  • Full-time students, un-employed and old age pensioners shall pay annual dues at the concessionary rate recommended by the Council and ratified by the Membership.
  • Membership lapses if the annual dues are not paid within six months of the date membership is due.
  • No person under the age of 18 years shall be entitled to serve as an Officer or member of Council, or to vote in election.
  • The Membership secretary shall present an updated Register of Membership to the Council for ratification every meeting. This Register will constitute the official List of Members.


  1. Council and Officers
  • The Association shall have a Council of 15 members, including the Officers specified in 4.2, elected from among the Members of the Association.
  • The Officers of the Association shall be: a Chair; a Vice-Chair; an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer.
  • The responsibilities of Officers and Members of Council are set out in the Standing Orders.
  • The Council is responsible for ratifying the policy of the Association.
  • The quorum for Council Meetings shall be eight Members of Council.
  • The Council is responsible for supervising Association elections in accordance with the provisions set out in 9 below and in the Standing Orders.


  1. General Meetings

5.1       The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting. Other General Meetings may be called at other times, with not less than one month’s written notice to all members, by the Executive Committee or by the Chair at the request of not less than 20% of the members.


5.2       An Agenda will be circulated to all Members at least four weeks before a General Meeting.


  1. Elections
  • Elections for Officers and Members of Council shall be held every two years, the process beginning not more than four months before the relevant Annual General Meeting and being completed not less than six weeks preceding it by a ballot of all paid-up members.
  • The Secretary shall request nominations for the posts detailed in 4.1 and 4.2 above, not less than six weeks before the date on which it is proposed to distribute ballot papers.
  • Members wishing to stand for election must be nominated and seconded by current Members of the Association.
  • Members wishing to stand for election must, at the time of nomination and seconding, signify a willingness to fulfil the duties and obligations of the position to which they are elected (4.1, 4.2, 4.5, 4.6, Standing Orders); and they should, at the same time, supply a brief curriculum vitae in writing to the Secretary for circulation with the ballot papers.
  • Only a member whose name appears on a Membership List ratified by the Council three months prior to an election shall be entitled to stand for election or to vote in an election.
  • The process of election shall be that set out in the Standing Orders.


  1. Amendment of the Constitution

7.1          The General Meeting of the Association may amend the Constitution by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting, provided that a quorum of twenty members be present, and that written notice of the amendment proposed has been given to all members not less than two months before the General Meeting.

8. Dissolution

8.1          The Association may be dissolved by the agreement of not less than three quarters of those members present at a General Meeting specially summoned for this purpose, as provided in Clause 5 above. Any funds existing at the time of dissolution shall not become the property of any member or members but shall be devoted to furthering the aim defined in Clause 1.