BAIS Prize Winners 2021

You can register for the online prize-giving here. Family and friends are very welcome alongside our Irish Studies community. We would like to thank Cambridge University Press and the Irish Studies Review for their support of our essay prize, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the Irish Embassy for their support of our bursary prizes.

Book Prize Winner: Erika Hanna, Snapshot Stories: Visuality, Photography, and the Social History of Ireland, 1922-2000 (OUP, 2020)

Book Prize Highly Commended: Stephen R. Millar, Sounding Dissent: Rebel Songs, Resistance, and Irish Republicanism (Michigan, 2020)

Essay Prize Winner: Dexter Govan (Edinburgh) ‘Towards a Religious Understanding of the Orange Order: Belfast 1910 to 1914’.

Bursary Prize Winners

Eliza Cozzi (Oxford) ‘Italy and the Irish Romantics: Networks, Nations and Literary Encounters, 1798-1848’

Will Fleming (London) ‘Small Press Poetry and Modernization in Ireland 1959-2017’

Abigail Fletcher (Edinburgh) ‘From Partition to Decriminalization: Homosexuality in Northern Ireland, 1921-1982’

Phoebe Gill (Birmingham) ‘Women’s experiences of Sex and Desire in Ireland 1870-1928’

Struan Kennedy (Northumbria) ‘(Re)Writing on the Wall: Disarming Weponized Murals and Masculinities in NI’

Michael Livesey (Sheffield) ‘From Dissident to Deviant: A Genealogy of Terrorism in NI’

Jessica McIntyre (Leeds Beckett) ‘Food Cultures in Ireland: New Perspectives on the Irish Bourgeoise in the C19’

Josie Richardson (Oxford) ‘From Dungannon to Drumcree: Street Politics in NI’

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