Trieste Summer School 2018

2017 Bursary winner Seamus May (Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool) discusses his plans to attend the 2018 Trieste Summer School.

I find myself in the strange position of writing I used my funding before I have actually spent it! Unfortunately, due to constraints of time, I was unable to fulfil my initial aim (when receiving the BAIS funding) of travelling to the 2017 Trieste James Joyce Summer School. Nevertheless, I have resolved to attend the 2018 school, which I am certain will be a great aid for my doctorate project and for my career progression as a whole. This year’s school included lectures from Chrissie Van Mierlo, Vicki Mahaffey, Laura Pelaschiar and Fritz Senn, all of whom are world leading authorities on Joyce, who have written texts of significance for my research. The Summer School will also be the first major conference I attend, providing me with vital experience of the rest of my academic career and the opportunity to make new contacts in the field.

My work takes a close look at the presence of the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno’s gnomon, as both shape and principle, in James Joyce’s canon. As such, the opportunity to attend a Joyce Summer School in Italy is an enticing one, which I am certain will enrich my project. The structure of the summer school’s seminars, with papers and discussions examining all of Joyce’s major works, from Dubliners to Finnegans Wake, forms a close match with the progression of my own research. My hope is that the 2018 Trieste Summer School will prove to be as fruitful for my work as the 2017 event. In the mean time, the BAIS funding has supported my studies more generally, allowing me to maintain membership of the London library and make regular trips to Liverpool to meet with my supervisor, Prof. Frank Shovlin.

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