A Trip to the Cork Archives

A Trip to the Cork Archives


One of our bursary winners, Robin Adams (Oxford) describes his research trip to Cork.

The BAIS bursary has been an excellent resource from which to draw and afforded me a period of deep archival work for my PhD thesis, which analyses the financing of the First Dáil during the Irish War of Independence (1919 – 1921). With the help of the BAIS, I was able to conduct a full audit of relevant archival materials held by the Cork City and County Archives, and subsequently incorporate them into my thesis.
The coach deposited me on the banks of the Lee, late on a Sunday night, and I made my way to the hotel where I had booked a room. On arrival, I found a boarded up guesthouse on a rather sketchy street and, after a number of attempts at the intercom, the door opened a crack and I was met by a Polish security guard. Speaking through the shutters, he was adamant that no booking had been made, but after a protracted round of negotiations he reluctantly let me in. He gave me a key which didn’t work, followed by another key which did, and left me to plan my day’s research. Tripadviser revealed a litany of bizarre complaints about this hotel which, through their surreality, served as a fitting bookend to the first day of my trip. 
By contrast, the service at the CCCA the next day could not have been better. The personal attention and friendly approach, together with useful suggestions from the archivists, made my work an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to returning to Cork when my research dictates. The material there has yielded a number of crucial insights for my research topic and greatly enriched my analysis of it. I am most grateful to the BAIS for facilitating this trip, and look forward to contributing to the Association as my career progresses.
Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cork.Ireland._august_2006.jpg

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